Frequently Asked Questions

What instruments do you offer lessons on?

D&Y offers lessons on piano, guitar, voice, violin/viola, keyboards, drums/percussion, brass and electric bass.

How long does it take to learn an instrument?

This is an impossible question to answer, but one we are frequently asked. I would compare it to joining a gym and asking a trainer "So, how long before I'm in shape?" I'm sure the answer would include diet, genetics, age, self-discipline, personal commitment, etc.

I've never met an accomplished musician who stopped learning or practicing his craft. The study of music continues throughout a musician's life. A typical beginner can expect to learn the fundamentals of note values, key signatures, chords, scales and songs in their first year of lessons. What they accomplish depends on their commitment, attitude, practice time and musical aptitude.

What is the earliest age you start music lessons?

We generally take students from the age of six for piano and violin. We suggest guitar, drum, voice students wait until they are between the ages of eight and ten. There are exceptions, however.

If a parent is anxious to get a child invovled in music, we suggest starting them on piano, as it is the most visual and fundamental way to introduce them to music. A year or two of piano lessons greatly helps them with whatever instrument they later pursue.

Do I need to have my own instrument?

Yes, music lessons require practice. If you do not own an instrument, you will need to have access to one. Also, having the right instrument is vital to a student's success and enjoyment. That guitar tucked away in a closet may just need new strings and a neck adjustment. Or it could be completely unusable. Our teachers can advise and assist with choosing an instrument that's right for you.

Do you sell or rent instruments?

No, D&Y speacializes in private music lessons and does not sell or rent musical instruments. We do recommend several music stores in the area and will help our students select an instrument that is suited to their needs. Please see our Helpful Resources.

Is there a registration fee?

No, D&Y has never charged a registration fee for new students. Instead we offer the first lesson free as a chance to meet the instructor and see if our teaching style is right for you.

Do you take credit cards?

No, we accept payment by cash or check only.

How do I pay?

D&Y charges monthly. Students pay for the lessons they will attend at the beginning of the month. If they know they will be absent on a particular date it will be deducted from that month's tuition.

May I reschedule a lesson I've payed for but cannot attend?

D&Y requires 24-hour notice to reschedule a lesson. Cancelations that meet this requirement will be rescheduled or credited towards the next months payment.

What if I miss a lesson and was unable to cancel 24 hours ahead of time?

This is a common issue with teaching studios. D&Y feels our 24-hour cancellation policy is reasonable and fair to both parties. It would be impossible to operate our business without a commitment from both teacher and student. We understand that emergency situations may occur beyond one's control and exceptions can be made. However, we ask that our customers please respect our cancellation policy.

What if my schedule changes and I need to change my lesson day or time?

Lessons are scheduled for the same time and day each week. If you need to change your lesson day, just let us know and we'll do our best to accommodate you.

Do I have to sign a contract obligating me to a certain number of months or semesters?

No, the only paperwork you are required to sign is our cancellation policy. D&Y operates on a month-to-month schedule. If you are unable to continue lessons for whatever reasons, all we ask is that you let the studio know before the next monthly payment.

Are you closed for holidays and summer vacation?

D&Y closes for two weeks in December and two weeks in July. We also close on Labor Day, Memorial Day, and spring break (public school schedule). Please see our Calendar.